How QuiCare works

Receive the pharmaceutical products you need at home, or collect them directly from the pharmacy


the PharmaPrime App

By texting us on

WhatsApp on 02 40031043

By calling

02 40031043

With QuiCare
you can also order
from WhatsApp!

All the pharmaceutical products you need

Order directly from the app, or contact us via chat, e-mail, WhatsApp or by calling. We will be happy to support you also with your prescriptions
If you need to get your medical care, but you are unable to visit your doctor or pharmacy, no worries!
Contact us, we will personally go to your physician and we will deliver the pharmaceutical products to your home.

Do you have an
electronic prescription?

Take a photo and add it it directly to your
order, or write the prescription code in the
additional order information

Available on Apple store and Google Play!

For information and assistance, feel free to contact us!

The service is available 365 days a year, from 08:00 to 24:00

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You can sign up for our Automatic Refill service and every month your order will be ready to be delivered to you or collected from the pharmacy.